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Welcome to BladeHeart
In this Ethereum blockchain based NFT Action RPG powered by the Bladeheart NFT framework, you can collect NFTs, own lands, fight epic monsters, and explore infinite worlds. As the in-game currency, the Bladeheart token (BHT) allows you to stake and farm tokens to earn rewards inside and outside the game universe. Explore the Bladeheart world now!
You Can Earn By Playing! Bladeheart tokens (BHT) are obtained in a variety of ways:

Killing monsters
Completing quests
Selling items in-game
Selling NFTs in-game
Farming in-game (through buying in-game farm real estate)
Staking in-game (through buying in-game businesses)
Farming outside the game (on our website or partners' websites)
Staking outside the game (on our website or partners' websites)
Buying on an exchange and sending to your in-game character

You can find, farm, trade and acquire skins, land plots, in-game pets, epic weaponry, and fast mounts, etc... These are in-game NFT products that can be sold in-game or through third-party exchanges. NFTs can be purchased or sold in the main cities' in-game auction houses. You can either buy or sell NFTs here with the in-game currency and Bladeheart token (BHT).
Various zones are intended to be open-ended PvP and PvE where you can acquire rare materials, defeat high-level monsters, or battle other players. You'll be teaming up with your guild / group of friends in heated combat against other players in Point-of-Interest PvP to seize and protect camps in these zones. The more powerful your enemies become, the higher your rewards will be.
Own Your Pets as NFTs

Pets can be bred, leveled-up and function as fast mounts, combat buffs, teammate, extra inventory, etc… These are NFTs collectibles that can be transferred, traded, staked and receiving rewards
Buy and Build on Land Plots as NFTs

iNon-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are used to represent land in Bladeheart, and they take the shape of several types of land plots that players can buy, develop, and trade. A unit of land in the game is roughly one screen in size. There are four different sorts of land plots: Regular plots Plots for settlement Plots in towns (a town consists of multiple linked town plots) Plots in cities (a city consists of multiple linked city plots)
Self-Governing In Game Trading

The NFT "catalogue" marketplaces are over. Here is a revolutionary, fully immersive, 3D, in-game NFT marketplace. Our goal is to create a self-governing ecosystem that uses artificial intelligence concepts to achieve high-level optimization. More information about the NFT Marketplace will be available soon, including in-game controls, pricing, connectivity, and more.
Stake for rewards

Bladeheart token (BHT) can be staked and used for farming inside and outside the gaming metaverse. When you stake or use the token to farm in game, you will be rewarded, airdropped and gaining prizes in a fun and interactive way by investing in farmland or shops.
Backed by Ethereum Blockchain

The Bladeheart token (BHT) is connected to and synchronized with the Ethereum Blockchain. As such, it can be easily, quickly, and cheaply sent from one wallet to another on the network. It can also be sent in and out within the Bladeheart universe.
Road Map



Q4 2021



Conceptual and Development Phase
Deploying social media and marketing
NFT store partnership
Alpha testing begins

Q1 2022



Bladeheart Token (BHT) - Pre-seed
Bladeheart Token (BHT) - Seed sale
Bladeheart Token (BHT) - Balancer Liquidity Bootstrap Sale
Bladeheart Token (BHT) - UniSwap Liquidity Pool
Closed demo begins

Q3 2022

Open demo begins
Framework Development

Q4 2022

Game goes live (Exact date depends on closed demo performance)

The team has grown to include developers from all across the world.

BladeHeart began as a passion project about a year ago.


How long has the Bladeheart project been in development?

Bladeheart began as a passion project about a year ago. The team has grown to include developers from all across the world. As a small group of developers, the group was missing out on innovative systems that could be built with their combined knowledge as AI engineers/researchers and game developers. While working on a small chain to connect in-game components in a more effective way, the team had the notion to join the blockchain community.

What is Bladeheart’s development team experience?

V1SMO, the lead developer, has a background in artificial intelligence and robotics research from past experience, and has been an indie developer over the past 5 years, with a few games published in various genres. The rest of the Bladeheart team has worked in a variety of industries, including game development, smart contract, blockchain and cryptocurrency, etc...

At this phase of development for Bladeheart, we'd really like to be allowed to use our own names. The team is still debating whether or not to disclose ourselves, but some members of our team are in situations where their daily lives may be disrupted if their names are made public. We'd like to maintain everyone's attention on the game and the product, and doxing might take away from that. We wish we could promise more, but for the time being, that is how we must function.